Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace (Drama 2020)

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Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace
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Original title 腾空之约
Subtitle English
A.k.a 熹妃传, Everlasting Serenity, Sui Sui Qing Lian
Director Yuk-Fan Lam
Screenwriter Zhang Yong Shen
Genres Comedy, Romance, Sports, Fantasy
Country China
Total Episodes 54
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

The drama tells the story of Luo Qinglian, a simple and kind-hearted girl from a noble family, who is also a scholar of poetry, calligraphy, painting. I've always dreamed of a perfect marriage that would last a lifetime, but unfortunately I was forced to marry into the royal family. It was then shattered. At first, Luo Qinglian only wanted to live her life in peace in the royal palace to protect her parents and family, but she accidentally discovered that the man she married Prince He Lianxin is not as cold-blooded as he appears, but has a hidden kindness and patience.

Luo Qinglian, a keen and intelligent woman, helps He Lianxin to avoid crises, and also wins his trust and heart. What started out as a marriage of interests has slowly changed in taste. As the competition for the royal family heats up, the relationship between Luo Qinglian and He Lianxin is tinged with conspiracies and calculations. And the winner of the contest? Let's wait until the night is over. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace Starring
  • He Hong Shan as Luo Qing Lian
  •  Xifei's Royal Love in the Palace Starring
  • Peter Ho as He Lian Xin

Supporting Cast

  • Huang You Ming as Lu Bei Yi
  • Jinna as Xie Qing Han
  • Niki Chow as Fang Huai Rui
  • Li Jin Rong as He Lian Chu
  • Shen Tai as He Lian Xu
  • Morning Chang as He Yun Shuo