Minor March: Cast & Summary

Minor March 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

Minor March
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Original title G小调进行曲
Subtitle English
A.k.a G Xiao Diao Jin Xing Qu
Director Lida Kong, Liu Ning
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, School, Youth, Music, Family
Country China
Total Episodes 48
Release Date Aug 25, 2020 / Sep 23, 2020
Airs On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast Channel Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Plot Synopsis

The story tells an ordinary girl and five brothers, each of which has its own unique characteristics, and the melodious romance between her and the piano prince. Park Qi Cai has five older brothers. Although some are adopted or have relatives, they all have their own surnames. Pu Qi cai has been associated with the personable Pu Zai Yu, Pu Zai Gong, Pu Zai Shang, Pu Zai Jiao, and Pu Zai Zheng. She has become accustomed to extraordinary men and thinks she is immune. One day, thanks to a mobile phone, she crossed the street with a young man. He is Quan Xi Zheng. He may be handsome and outstanding in all aspects, but his tongue is sharp and he can press Qi Cai's buttons. To make matters worse, Qi Cai can never beat him in his own game. Cai Cai's brothers stepped in to help her, but they didn't work until they found out that the secret of Quan Xizheng revolved around a sheet of music called March Minor. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Minor March cast Hou Dong as Quan Xi Zheng
 Minor March cast Sun Yi Ming as Lin Yi
 Minor March cast Zeng Li Yao as Pu Qi Cai

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