The Legend of Taotie (Cast & Synopsis)

The Legend of Taotie Cast, Summary & Release Date

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Original title 饕餮记
Subtitle English
A.k.a Taotieji, Gluttononous Rememberance, Remember
Director Cheng Ming Ko, Hon-Sit Chung
Screenwriter -
Genres Food, Historical, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date 2023
Airs On -
Broadcast On -
Runtime 45 min.

Story Summary

Set in the Great Liang Dynasty, the story revolves around Wu Xia City's famous restaurant Tian Xiang Restaurant. Shopkeeper Zhu Chengbi and accountant Chang Qing are known as a quarrelsome couple. They went through a lot of heart-pounding, earth-shaking incidents, and made a lot of delicious dishes together. Each dish contains and tells a different story and reflects a different meaning. In the end, Langyang King decides to save his life by fighting Zhu Chengbi and Chang Qing against each other. He forced Chengbi to make a plate that extended his life, and because of his greed he released the black giraffe. Thus, the Lian Xin Tower and Wu Xia City were destroyed. With his manipulation, Chengbi evolved into Taotie, almost swallowing Chang Qing. Eventually, Chang Qing wakes up Chengbi and everything starts over.Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

  • The Legend of Taotie, Cast An Yue Xi - Zhou Cheng Bi
  • The Legend of Taotie, Cast Wang You Shuo - Chang Qing

Supporting Cast

  • Hugh Wang - Xu Ruo Xu
  • Biu Pan - Li Wan Er
  • Zhang Ye - Xie Yan
  • Min Wang - Liu Zhong Xian
  • Niu Zi Fan - Prince Lang Ya Wang
  • Zhang Gong - Xu Xue Shi

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