DRAMA: Run For Young (2020)

Run For Young (Chinese drama)
Official Poster  Run For Young, Cast
Original title 疯犬少年的天空
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Sky of the Mad Dog Boy, Feng Kuang Shao Nian De Tian Kong
Director Yibai Zhang, Yan Han, Bingqiang Li
Screenwriter Zelin Li
Genres Comedy, Youth, School
Country China
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Sep 24, 2020 / Oct 22, 2020
Airs On Thursday, Friday
Runtime 45 min.

Plot Synopsis & Summary

The story of this millennial youth follows a group of students who go through ups and downs in life's marathon. Ma Tian, Born into a wealthy family, and his two-shoe neighbor An Ran transferred to a mediocre high school in fourth grade. It is a place to meet different kinds of people including Lao Gou ('Old Dog'), Da Lijiao, Mimi, Da Zui ('Big Mouth'), Song Jie. On their first day at the new school, Ma Tian fights Lao Gou and vows not to coexist with each other. But fate seems to be joking with them because they are placed on the same marathon team at school. Since then, the two have had to put up with each other because they had to train together, making each other miserable. In their final year of high school, young students face numerous challenges as they grow up in each other's companies and into adults. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Run For Young Cast Peng Yu Chang - Lao Gou / Old Dog
 Run For Young Cast Zhang Jing Yi - Li An Ran
 Run For Young Cast Leon Leong - Ma Tian

Supporting Cast

  • Zhou You - Liu Wen Qin
  • Caesar Guo - Da Zui / Big Mouth
  • Zhou Yi Ran - Da Li Jiao

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