Oversize Love (2020)

Oversize Love 2020 (Chinese Movie) Details & Summary

Oversize Love
Official Poster  Oversize Love, Poster
Original title 月半爱丽丝
Subtitle English
A.k.a XX Love, Yue Ban Ai Li Si
Director Zhang Linzi
Screenwriter Jin Eva, Sun Siyu
Genres Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Country China
Release Date Oct 30, 2020
Runtime -

Plot Synopsis

At an unexpected opportunity, Lin Xiao Xi, who was an overweight girl, turns into a beauty named Alice, and begins a story full of twists and turns and laughter when she is trapped between her childhood friend and her lifelong unrequited love. Lin Xiao Xi is an optimistic and cheerful girl who loves to chase celebrities. She lives happily on the island and runs a pretty good photo studio. The only downside is that Xiao Xi is a bit fat! Her peaceful life is touched by the appearance of the male idol Huang Ke, who rekindles her determination to lose weight. As expected, once again she fails. By chance, Lin Xiao Xi discovers a magic potion that can magically lose weight. After her transformation, Lin Xiao Xi approaches Huang Ke using the pseudonym Alice. Meanwhile, Han Bing, a childhood friend, repeatedly blocks meeting with Hwang Ke. Since childhood, he has always been with her and gradually came to understand his fundamental feelings for his best friend. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Oversize Love, Cast Johnny Huang as Han Bing
 Oversize Love, Cast Gabrielle Guan as Lin Xiao Tong

Supporting Cast

  • Darren Chen as Huang Ke
  • Law Kar Ying as Elder Huī Fang Zi
  • Chang Long as A Zheng
  • Amber Lu as Song Wen Lu

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