Vanguard film (2020)

Vanguard 2020 (Chinese film) Details & Summary

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Original title 急先锋
Subtitle English
A.k.a Ji xian feng
Director Stanley Tong
Screenwriter Stanley Tong
Genres Action, Comedy, Military
Country China
Release Date Sep 30, 2020
Airs On Wednesday
Runtime 1 hr. 48 min.
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Plot Synopsis

The Chinese businessman Qin Guoli was kidnapped by the mercenary organization in the UK. Qin's daughter Faeeda (Xu Ruo Han) was also involved and hunted down. At the moment, the private Chinese security agency (Chan) became their only hope. The commander-in-chief Tang Huating (Jackie Chan) led Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang), Zhang Kaixuan (Allen Ai), Mi Ya (Muqi Miya), and Shendiao (Theo Zhu), in a thrilling rescue mission across theworld. In the process of rescuing the hostages, it is discovered that the crime syndicate behind the mercenary organization has also planned a shocking conspiracy. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 vanguard film, Cast Jackie Chan as Tang Huating
 vanguard film, Cast Yang Yang as Lei Zhenyu
 vanguard film, Cast Theo Zhu as Shendiao
 vanguard film, Cast Allen Ai as Zhang Kaixuan
 vanguard film, Cast Muqi Miya as Mi Ya
 vanguard film, Cast Xu Ruo Han as Fareeda

Supporting Cast

  • Nikita Guo Song as Mei Wei


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