Stone Skipping (2020) Cast & Summary

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Stone Skipping 2020 (Korean Movie) Details & Summary

Stone Skipping
Official Poster  Stone Skipping, Poster
Original title 돌멩이
Subtitle English
A.k.a Dolmengi, Damaged, Stone
Director Kim Jung Sik
Genres Life, Drama
Country South Korea
Release Date Sep 9, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 47 min.

Plot Synopsis

Seok-Goo is a man in his 30's, but he has the intelligence of 8-year-old.. He runs a rice mill in a village where his kind neighbors and friends live nearby. One day, at a party in the village, I saw Eunji, a runaway girl who was mistaken for a pickpocket. Seok-Goo solves the misunderstanding and helps her. Then he and Eunji become friends. Kim is the teacher at the shelter where Eun-Ji stays. Kim is worried about Seok-Goo and Eun-Ji's, friendship, but a Catholic priest eases Kim's worries. One night something happened to Eun-Ji at the rice mill. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Stone Skipping Cast Song Yoon Ah as Teacher Kim
 Stone Skipping Cast Kim Dae Myung as Suk Goo
 Stone Skipping Cast Jeon Chae Eun as Eun Ji

Supporting Cast

  • Kim Kwang Hyun
  • Song Chang Gyu
  • Kim Eui Sung

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