Drama: Live On (2020)

Plot Summary

Live On ”is a romantic story that follows the life of Baekhorang, who was at the top of her high school food chain, where trendy and popular trends brought a higher social status. And Go Eun Taek who loves perfection Broadcasting Club Head Baekho Rang joins a broadcasting club to enlist Go Eun Taek's help in revealing the identity of a mysterious figure trying to bring out the light of her past that she wants to hide.Baekho Rang suddently trending on social media. soon Status due to her beautiful appearance and is one of the most popular girls in high school Seohyun. Even at the top of the social pyramid But she has only one true friend because she believes that she is the center of the universe and despises others. Meanwhile, Go Eun Taek is the curator of the school's broadcasting club and is a person who is sensitive, attention to detail, sometimes frustrating and has everything planned perfectly. Although he is strict and inflexible in leadership. But he never shied away from any task and was loved by his fellow students. Next to them is Do Woo Jae, who helps organize things at school and is close friends with Go Eun Taek, while both express their admiration for using logic and reason above all else. Ji So Hyun, the deputy head of a broadcasting club and a hard-working student with impressive grades. Kang Jae Yi is Do Woo Jae's girlfriend who shows love for him, while Byung Chan will play Kim Yoo Shin, a smart male beagle. Edit Synopsis

Live On (Korean drama)
Official Poster  Live On Poster
Original title 라이브온
Subtitle English
A.k.a laibeu on, laibeuon
Director Kim Sang Woo
Screenwriter Bang Yoo Jung
Genres Romance, Youth, School
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
Release Date Nov 17, 2020 / Jan 5, 2021
Airs On Tuesday
Broadcast Channel Naver TV Cast, jTBC
Runtime 60 min.

Main Character

 Drama Live On Cast Hwang Min Hyun - Go Eun Taek
 Drama Live On Starring  Jung Da Bin - Baek Ho Rang
 Drama Live On lead role Noh Jong Hyun - Do Woo Jae
 Drama Live On Cast main role Choi Byung Chan - Kim Yoo Shin
 Drama Live On Cast  Yeonwoo - Kang Jae Yi
 Drama Live On Cast actors Yang Hye Ji - Ji So Hyun

Supporting Cast

  • Woo Da Vi - Eun Ha
  • Lee Se Hee - Jung Hee Su
  • Hyun Woo Seok

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