The Wandering Chef (Movie 2020)

The Wandering Chef (Korean Movie)
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Original title 밥정
Subtitle English
A.k.a bapjeong
Director Park Hye-ryun
Screenwriter -
Genres Food, Documentary, Drama
Country South Korea
Release Date Oct 7, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 22 min.
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Plot Summary

The whole table of food is made of desire and sincerity, the real taste of life is shared in the feeling of the meal. Chef Lim Ji-ho uses natural ingredients; grass, weeds, algae and branches to create a dish. There are traumatic stories about his mother and stepmother, where he shares food with people he meets on the way and sticks with grandmother Kim Soon-gyoo, whom he has met in Jiri Mountain for 10 years. However, as the third goodbye approached, Lim Ji-ho created 108 dishes for the mothers who gave birth to him, who raised him and bonded with him. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

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