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Let It Be Beautiful (Movie 2020)

Let It Be Beautiful (Chinese Movie)
Official Poster  Let It Be Beautiful poster
Original title 再见吧!少年
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bye ! Juvenile, Let Life Be Beautiful
Director Tzu-Ping Lin
Screenwriter Lanxin Yu, Jing Fan, Anqi Wang, Lihua Jiang
Genres Drama
Country China
Release Date Oct 5, 2020
Runtime 120 min.

Plot Summary: Let It Be Beautiful

The film is adapted from a real person and tells the story of a young man Wang Xinyang's life completely changed due to blood cancer suddenly. Faced with unknown tomorrow, Xinyang is still optimistic and strong, making efforts to fulfill his youth dream. Edit Synopsis

Main Cast: Let It Be Beautiful

 Let It Be Beautiful Cast Dollar Rong - Wang Xin Yang
 Let It Be Beautiful main role Liu Min Tao - Zhou Lan

Supporting Cast: Let It Be Beautiful

  • Kevin Tan - Wang Yean
  • Gu Yu Han - Yu Xiao Ruo
  • Siwaige - Wu Han
  • Liu Ren He - Da Zhuang
  • Chen Chu Sheng - Chen Chu Sheng
  • Xu Ke Long

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