TV Series: Storm Eye (2021)

Storm Eye (Chinese drama)
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Original title 暴风眼
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bao Feng Yan
Director Jin Sha
Screenwriter Liang Zhen Hua, Jiang Da Qiao
Genres Action, Investigation, Detective, Crime, Suspense
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date Feb 23, 2021 / Mar 16, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video, ZJTV, Mango TV, iQiyi, Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Plot Summary

The story of a team of agents is told from the perspective of An Jing and Ma Shang. Fearless in their mission to maintain justice, these officers work hard to protect the interests of the nation. Ma Shang is a national security officer who is on a special mission to track a spy from outside the border to Shuangqing City. While doing surveillance work, Ma Shang discovered that the spy was just a small fish in their larger plan and their goal was to steal the top-secret research from Huading Group. Due to extenuating circumstances, Ma Shang was sent directly to Shuangqing to cooperate with the city office to initiate the investigation under the codename Storm Eye. When a team was formed, Ma Shang, realized that the local team leader was none other than his high school classmate An Jing, who left ten years ago without saying goodbye. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Storm Eye Cast Vin Zhang - Ma Shang
 Storm Eye lead role Yang Mi - An Jing

Supporting Cast

  • Zhang Shen - Miao Huan Yang
  • Wang Dong - Qiao Xi Chuan
  • Wayne Liu - Du Meng
  • Daisy Dai - Miao Fei
  • Zhao Wei Lin - Bian Fu
  • Lawrence Wang - Cheng Lei
  • Shi Liang - Ma Jun Hai
  • Yi Da Qian - He Zi Xuan
  • Liao Jing Sheng - Qin Feng
  • Ning Xin - Zhou Lian
  • Zhang Fan - Pang Yi Shan
  • Wang Yi Jin - Miao Lu

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