Cowardly Violence (Korean Movie 2020)

Cowardly Violence (Korean Movie)
Official Poster  Cowardly Violence Official Poster
Original title 비겁한 폭력
Subtitle English
A.k.a bigeophan pukryeok
Director Yoon Won-sang
Screenwriter -
Genres Thriller, Crime
Country South Korea
Release Date Nov 11, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 24 min.

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Plot Summary » Cowardly Violence

Cheol Hyeon kidnapped Hae Im to steal bitcoins so he could pay off the debt, and his lover, Yeon Mi, who was abandoned by him is also locked up in a warehouse. Cheol Hyeon uses violence to achieve his goals with Hae Im and emotional violence to seek love from Yeon Mi. His erroneous personality turns extreme, rationalizes his violence, exposes the two women 'shocking past and tries to change their lives. Edit Synopsis

Main Cast » Cowardly Violence

  • Na Jin-hee - Cha Yeon-mi
  • Shin Hyo-jin - Im Hae-im
  • Ha Jin-chul - Cheol-hyeon

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