Cha Ta Gong In (Web Drama 2020)

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Cha Ta Gong In (Korean drama)
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Original title 차타공인
Subtitle English
A.k.a Discrimination(Cha) Abolished(Ta)! Fairness(Gong) Attained(In)!, Discrimination-Abolished-Fairness-Attained, Chartered Person, Cha-Ta-Gong-In, Chatagongin
Director -
Screenwriter -
Genres Life
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 4
Release Date Nov 13, 2020 / Dec 4, 2020
Airs On Tuesday, Friday
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime 15 min.

Plot Summary » Cha Ta Gong In

Hong Cha-yi tries to solve the case with her charisma and find the truth, and tries to turn injustice into her own kind of justice in a society where injustice and righteousness spread indiscriminately. Edit Synopsis

Main Cast » Cha Ta Gong In

 Chartered Person Cast Kim Ji Young - Hong Cha Yi
 Chartered Person main role Yoon Jun Won - Cha Seung Byul
 Chartered Person stars Choi Hee Seung - Mo Tae Hyun
 Chartered Person lead role Jung Jun Hwan - Woo Jin Woo
 Chartered Person lead role Cheon Sam - Lee Bok Seon

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