Drawing Sword 3 (Chinese Drama 2020)

Drawing Sword 3 (Chinese drama)
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Original title 雷霆战将
Subtitle English
A.k.a 亮剑3之雷霆战将, Bright Sword 3, Lei Ting Zhan Jiang, 亮剑之雷霆战将, Warrior of Thunder,
Bright Sword 3: The Lightning General, Drawing Sword 3: The Lightning General,
Thunder Warlord
Director Jin Sha
Screenwriter Miao Huang, Ge Jin
Genres Military, Action, Life, War, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date Nov 3, 2020 / Dec 10, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime 39 min.

Plot Summary » Drawing Sword 3

The story of Wang Yunshan and his comrades who succeeded in preventing the enemy's advance. In the Battle of Huai Hai, they gathered Guo Xunkui on their side to liberate Sichuan. In 1931, the young Wang Yunshan (Leon Zhang) fought the enemy in water polo. The victorious Wang Yunshan is promoted to the squad leader. In 1935, Wang Yunshan and Du De-Yong (Wei Qianxiang) become friends and witness the encounter of the 1st and 4th enemy forces. When the anti-Japanese occupation began, Wang Yunshan was injured in a fight. Then he starts a family with Han Yan (Lai Yumeng), but a tragedy strikes. Despite his death, Wang Yunshan leads his army to war. Wang Yunshan plans to attack Xiangyang. He also works with Guo Xunkui (Vengo Gao) to learn how to liberate Sichuan. At the same time, China was officially established in Beijing Tiananmen Square. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » Drawing Sword 3

 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Leon Zhang - Wang Yun Shan
 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Vengo Gao - Guo Xun Kui
 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Wang Rui Zi - Liu Zhi
 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Lai Yu Meng - Han Yan
 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Wu Xin - Zhang Yun
 Drawing Sword 3 Chinese Drama cast, Main role Shawn Wei - Du De Yong

Supporting Cast » Drawing Sword 3

  • Cao Bing Kun - Kang Nai Wen
  • Wu Xu Dong - You Jin Zhong
  • Yin Xiao Tian - Jiang Ping
  • Lin Tian Yuan - Xu Juan / Juan Zi
  • Li Guo - Jiang Tao
  • Bao Jian Feng - Teacher
  • Gavin Gao - Xiong Er
  • Li Xin Bo - Hua Mao
  • Wang Jin Song - Liu Bo Jun
  • Zhang Jun Ming - Saitō Hajime
  • Liu Yi Hang - Zhang Zhong Zhi
  • Liu Yan Chen - Zhang Gao
  • Qiao Han - Chen Geng
  • Lu Qing - Jin Zhi
  • Tang Lv Jing
  • Na Jia Wei - Gao Yi Qiang

Photos » Drawing Sword 3

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