Not Yet 30 (2020 Web Series) Cast & Summary

Plot Summary » Not Yet 30

'Not Yet 30' will be a sympathetic romance centered on the work and love life of women in their 30s. This drama follows the story unfolded when webtoon writer Seo Ji-won (30) met Lee Seung-yu, a middle school first love publisher. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » Not Yet 30

 Not Yet 30  Kang Min Hyuk - Lee Seung Yoo
 Not Yet 30  Jung In Sun - Seo Ji Won
 Not Yet 30  Ahn Hee Yeon - Lee Ran Joo
 Not Yet 30  Song Jae Rim - Cha Do Hoon

Supporting Cast » Not Yet 30

  • Lee Chae Won
  • Cha Min Ji