Bad Buddy (2021 Thai Drama) Cast & Summary

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Plot Summary » Bad Buddy

The story is about two students named Pran and Pat, ever since they were little, his father had a deep and fierce rivalry and tried to get together about everything. The same extends to their sons as well. Comparing the boys' achievements and merits, whether they are studying or extra-curricular, both fathers are surprised and excited by the other. It was almost like the rivalry passed down as an heirloom and the two boys also became rivals. Until ... they get tired and become friends but because of their father's rivalry their friendship has to be kept private, which is why they embark on a friendship journey Secret and then maybe a sweet secret love affair too.Edit Synopsis

Details » Bad Buddy
Official Poster  Bad Buddy Poster
Original title แค่เพื่อนครับเพื่อน
Type Thai Drama, BL Drama, Gay Romance
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bad Buddy the Series
Director Backaof Noppharnach Chaiwimol
Screenwriter -
Genres Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 12
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel GMM 25
Runtime -

Main Character » Bad Buddy

    Bad Buddy Cast
  • Nanon Korapat Kirdpan - Pran
  •  Bad Buddy main role
  • Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee - Pat

Supporting Cast » Bad Buddy

  • Drake Sattabut Laedeke (Pat's friend)
  • Love Pattranite Limpatiyakorn
  • Milk Pansa Vosbein (Pat's sister)

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