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Synopsis » You Are My Glory

A story about aerospace engineer Yu Tu and bright star Qiao Jingjing. Her decision to start playing the game to save her endorsement deal left her facing her ex. As they grew closer together, the two moved forward to become each other's glory. As a well-known celebrity, Qiao Jingjing must regularly appear in order to maintain his multi-faceted image. Alas, people started to crack when someone leaked a video of her playing an online game and turned bad for it, which was completely inconsistent with the image she created. out for yourself as the ambassador of the game. Since her agent was worried that Qiao Jingijing might lose the endorsement, she had to enter a gaming contest to prove her skills.

Qiao Jingjing decided to use all of her free time to improve her game and her decision made her reconnect with her old high school friend Yu Tu, whom she once fell in love with. He's a legend at their school, standing out in everything he does while Qiao Jingjing is just your ordinary girl. Yu Tu has become an aerospace engineer and a skilled gamer. It seems that online game brought them together again so she asked him to become her gaming coach. Edit Synopsis

*Adapted from the web novel 'You’re My Glory' by Gu Man (顾漫).

You Are My Glory (Drama Info)

Official Poster  You Are My Glory Poster
Original title 你是我的荣耀
Subtitle English
A.k.a You're My Glory, Ni Shi Wo De Rong Yao
Director Wang Zhi
Screenwriter Gu Man
Genres Comedy, Youth, Romance, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 27
Episode 1 Release date Jul 26, 2021
Finale episode date Aug 16, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 35 min.

Main Character » You Are My Glory

     You Are My Glory Cast
  • Yang Yang - Yu Tu
  •  You Are My Glory main role
  • Dilraba Dilmurat - Qiao Jing Jing

Supporting Cast » You Are My Glory

  • Pan Yue Ming - Guan Zai
  • Zheng Qi - (Yu Tu's colleague)
  • Ian Wang - Cui Liang (Yu Tu's good friend)
  • Hu Ke - Sister Ling (Qiao Jing Jing's manager)
  • Lu Yong - Director Li
  • Jerry Yuan - Duan Wu (Qiao Jing Jing's work partner)
  • Sun Ya Li - Xiao Zhu (Qiao Jing Jing's assistant)
  • Zheng He Hui Zi - Pei Pei (Qiao Jing Jing's best friend)
  • Cui Yi - (Yu Tu's mother)
  • Zhao Ke Di - Xiao Hu (Yu Tu's colleague)
  • Yan Qing Yu - (Qiao Jing Jing's mother)
  • Wang Quan You - (Qiao Jing Jing's father)
  • Wang Rui - Xiao Liu (Yu Tu's cousin)
  • Zheng Xiao Mao - (Qiao Jing Jing's grandfather)
  • Zheng Xiao Ning - Director Hu (Yu Tu's senior)
  • Liu Lei - (Qiao Jing Jing's cousin)
  • Zhou Yun Ru - (Qiao Jing Jing's sister)
  • Tu Song Yan - A Guo (Qiao Jing Jing's first game coach)
  • Li Ya Ze - (Qiao Jing Jing's brother)
  • Zhu Huai Xu - (Qiao Jing Jing's grandmother)
  • Liu Luo Xi - Dan Dan (Qiao Jing Jing's PR)
  • Wang Shi Huai - Director Zhang (Yu Tu's mentor)
  • Peng Bo - Alex (Executive of Glory)
  • Lu Yun Feng - Xia Xue (Glory player)
  • Ge Wang - Da Meng (Yu Tu's colleague)
  • Huang Cheng Cheng - Sha Bao (Glory player)
  • Luo Lei - (Qiao Jing Jing's driver)
  • Chen Guan Ning - Ren Wang
  • Vinnie Yao A - Dou (Reporter)
  • Liu Yun Long - Xiao Lan (Reporter)
  • Guo Shu Tong - (Xia Qing's roommate)
  • Liu Li Li - Professor Wang
  • Liu Chao - Da Mao (Reporter)
  • Teng Ai Xian - (Director Hu's wife)
  • Li Ruo Ning - Li Ruo
  • Sun Wei - (Designer)
  • Lu Zhong - (Interior Designer)
  • Zhou Shuai - Long Wang
  • An Ge - Da Meng
  • Cao Yi - (Yu Tu's father)
  • Victor Liu - Zhou Yin (Glory player)

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