Bad Romeo: Thai series (2022)

Bad Romeo Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

It's a reunion with actress Yaya Urusaya and organizer Ann. After working together on The Crown Princess (2018), Yaya is currently working on Lai Kinnaree, and Mario Maurer will be the first to work with organizer Ann.

Mario Maurer and Yaya Urassaya join for the first time "Bad Romeo". The first fitting image of Mario and Yaya, who are so intimate, conveys a romantic relationship, revealing the convincing new chemistry of the actors.

Ann hasn't released any information that it will be a new novel, but the audience is definitely looking forward to seeing it! Edit Synopsis

Bad Romeo (Tv Series)
Official Poster Bad Romeo Poster
Original title คือเธอ
Type Thai Drama, Thai Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a It's You, Keu Ter
Director Aew Ampaiporn Jitmaingong
Screenwriter Danaya Supying
Genres Romance, Melodrama
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 17
Episode 1 Release date Jul 20, 2022
Last episode airs on Sep 14, 2022
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast on Channel 3
Runtime 1 hr. 25 min.

Where to watch Bad Romeo online?
Netflix ch3+ (Youtube) Ch3Thailand

Story Summary

A story of a lonely girl who falls in love with a man from another time period.

Privileged Sai Kim meets poor garage owner Kao Kla. The two had known each other and had not seen each other for seven years. However, Kaokla is now Carl Raman, the adopted son and heiress of billionaire Asia Raman. Saikim has also become the full-fledged heir to his father's hotel business. and is not the innocent girl that Klao has met anymore.

Actors and their characters

  • Bad Romeo Cast Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Tao Songwat / Runjuan / Pinporn / Jutiporn
  • Bad Romeo main role Mario Maurer as Yanfan Wichan / Fosemaire / Chartbordin
  • Bad Romeo Lead actors Sam Yuranunt Pamornmontri

Supporting cast

  • Sam Yuranunt Pamornmontri as Songsil Kidakan (Saikim's father)
  • Aokbab Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Lita
  • Pop Thatchathon Sabanun as Tanthai
  • Lukkade Metinee Kingpayome as Asia Raman (Kaokla's mother)
  • Fon Sananthachat Thanapatpisal as Primprao
  • Pao Varit Hongsananda as Promphat
  • Marilyn Kate Gardner as Kloijai (Kaokla's sister)
  • Bird Wanchana Sawasdee as Roek (Kaokla's father)
  • Muay Angsana Buranon as Phijika
  • Palm Supachai Suwanon as Khem
  • Mint Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat as Claire
  • Big Sarut Vichitrananda as Sansoen
  • Emilie Kanticha Vansteenberge as Saikim

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