Cdrama: Love like White Jade (Cast & Summary)

Plot Summary » Love like White Jade

Shui Wuxia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, was hired by Jiang Manor to assist Mister Zuo's martial arts education and training.The arrogant and brave Shui Wuxia clashed with the arrogant and playful Jiang Baiyu. The two also hid a secret - Shui Wuxia was looking for her long-lost twin brother, while Jiang Baiyu was looking for the cause of his father's death. Fate brought them together. Jiang Baiyu changed his cowardly character and Shui Wuxia began to see his sincere and determined mind. The truth was finally revealed. The person who captured Shui Wuxia's brother and killed Jiang Baiyu's father was the same person. In the face of the crisis, they worked together and revealed the perpetrators' plans to restore peace to the citizens of the Jiang continent.Edit Synopsis

Details » Love like White Jade
Official Poster  Love like White Jade Poster
Original title 白玉思无瑕
Subtitle English
A.k.a Flawless White Jade, Bai yu si wu xia
Director Yu Peng
Screenwriter -
Genres Historical, Romance, Mystery
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date Mar, 2021
End Date 2021
Airs On -
Where to watch Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.

Main Character » Love like White Jade

     Love like White Jade Cast
  • Gala Zhang - Jiang Bai Yu
  •  Love like White Jade main role
  • Wan Peng - Shui Wu Xia

Supporting Cast » Love like White Jade

  • Fortuna Yu - Qi De Long
  • Peng Yu
  • Liu Yu Han - Jiang Tian Lin