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Plot Summary » Times

It is a political mystery drama tells the story of Seo Jung In who has been connected with reporter Lee Jin Woo from the past five years via phone. Seo Jung-in discovers the dangerous truth as she tries to prevent the death of her father, Seo Gi Tae, who is the president.

Lee Jin Woo, a very talented reporter, has devoted his entire career to doing nothing but the truth. Lee Jin Woo is determined to tell the whole story and will do whatever it takes to find and report difficult facts. A hard-nosed man to find news, Jin-Woo's life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious phone calls connect him to Seo Jung-in, a woman who claims to live five more years in the future. A headstrong reporter with a passion for her work, Seo Jung In has a knack for finding the best stories. But sometimes digging deeper finds some nasty truth. As the lead actor, Jung-in has revealed a dark story that could shake up the country's foundations. With the life of her father, South Korean President Seo Ki Tae, Jeong-in finds herself in a serious race against time. But she wasn't alone in this race. Lee Jin-Woo was mysteriously connected by phone, the two agreed to join forces to save the president. Living and working at two completely different times, Jin-Woo and Jung-in set out to uncover the deadly truth. But will they be able to stop the villainous mastermind planning this evil crime before it's too late?Edit Synopsis

Details » Times
Official Poster  Times Poster
Original title 타임즈
Subtitle English
A.k.a Taimjeu
Director Yoon Jong Ho
Screenwriter Lee Sae Bom, Ahn Hye Jin
Genres Thriller, Political, Fantasy, Crime
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release Date Feb 20, 2021
End Date Mar 28, 2021
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Where to watch OCN
Runtime 60 min.

Main Character » Times

     Times Cast
  • Lee Seo Jin - Lee Jin Woo
  •  Times main role
  • Lee Joo Young - Seo Jung In
  •  Times Lead actors
  • Moon Jung Hee - Kim Young Joo
  •  Times Lead actors
  • Kim Yeong Cheol - Seo Ki Tae

Supporting Cast » Times

  • Im Soo Hyun - Jung Yoo Mi
  • Moon Ji In - Myung Soo Kyung
  • Kim In Kwon - Do Young Ja
  • Park Ye Ni - Song Min Joo

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