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Thank You, Doctor (2022) Drama info

Thank You, Doctor (Mandarin: 谢谢你医生) is an upcoming South Chinese web series starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu. It is expected to be release second half of 2023.

Thank You, Doctor (Web Series)
Official Poster Thank You, Doctor Poster
Original title 谢谢你医生
Subtitle English
A.k.a ICU 48 Hours, Xie Xie Ni, 谢谢你,医生, Yi Sheng, ICU48小时
Director Zhang Rui
Screenplay Zhou Yong
Genres Romance, Medical
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date 2022
End Date -
Airs On -
Where to watch Tencent Video, Youku, iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.

Story Summary

A story about the newly formed EICU doctors, who rely on their medical expertise to save every patient. Overcoming their differences, they devote their effort to preserving life.

Returning from abroad, Xiao Yan brought the pain of losing her fiancée when she arrived at Tongshan Hospital. Despite his rough and tough appearance, Xiao Yan is considered very meticulous on the operating table when performing the surgery with the precision of the machine. Once a talented and competent doctor, Bai Shu adopted a terminal patient and began to believe in finding hope in the most desperate situations. Through their daily interactions, two people with their own beliefs and prejudices gradually accept each other as they discover many common ground.

Adapted from 'ICU 48 Hours' by Sheng Li.Edit Synopsis

Cast and their Characters

     Thank You, Doctor Cast
  • Yang Mi - Xiao Yan
  •  Thank You, Doctor main role
  • Bai Yu - Bai Shu

Supporting Cast

  • Cristy Guo - Zheng Ya Jie
  • Xi Mei Juan - Wu Xiu Zhu
  • Liu Yan Chen
  • James Li - Xu Yi Ran
  • Li Ying - Ge Hong
  • Yu Xiao Dong - Zhang Jin Shan
  • Li Bin - Lao Pan
  • Jiang Rui Jia - Tang Hua
  • Christine Zheng - Li Xuan
  • Li Jie - Lu Ping An
  • Zhang Zhi Jian - Jiang Chong Jing
  • Chen Liang Ping - Zhang Jian Min
  • Zhang Ming Can - Yu Ming Ming
  • Kelly Gu - Li Xiang's mother
  • Liu Zi He - Cheng Wei Liang
  • Li Hong Lei - Zhang Da Hai
  • Liu Jia Lin - Ruoyun
  • Zhou Jie - Gao Lu's father
  • Fan Lei - Yu Jianguo
  • Chen Zhi Wei - Zhao Gang
  • Su Xin - Gao Lu's mother
  • He Liao Lu Yun - Luo Guang Liang
  • Zhang Da Bao - Yi Shui Han
  • Ai Jia Ni - Wan Jing Xuan
  • Song Yu Qing - Chen Li Shuang
  • Yan Feng - CEO Wang
  • Liu Jia Yu - Hao Jia Jia
  • Wang Zi Hao - Gao Lu
  • Huai Yuan - Lao Tian
  • You Ben Chang - Chen Chuan Shu

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