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Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies » Synopsis

Nan Xiangwan is 28 years old, is a reputable human resources manager who seems to be a winner in life but suffers from anxiety. When she gets psychiatric treatment, it brings her back to her memories of high school ten years ago. In the class she has always lost, Xiangwan faces constant problems on her journey to be placed in her desired university - classmates constantly interrupting her studies. Her hatred for her father and high school memories she could not bear. . During this process, she met and befriended Lin Xiaoran, a sports student. When they got to know each other, Xiangwan realized that aside from the results, each has positive traits and winning is not everything. She began helping her classmates, making them passionate about learning and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Finally, Xiangwan was able to achieve friendship, regain the energy of youth and gain her father's understanding. When she met Lin Xiaoran again, she decided to overcome her grief. The two know each other again and lead hands together to another future. Edit Synopsis

Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies (Drama Series) Details

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Original title 别想打扰我学习
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bie Xiang Da Rao Wo Xue Xi, Don't Think About Interrupting My Studies
Director Chen Fei Hong
Genres Comedy, Youth, School, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date Mar 10, 2021
End Date Mar 30, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast on Mango TV, Hunan TV
Where to Watch Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies -
Runtime 45 min.

Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies » Cast

     Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies Cast
  • Edward Lai - Lin Xiao Ran
  •  Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies main role
  • Landy Li - Nan Xiang Wan

  • Wang Run Ze - Liu Yu Bai
  • Zhang Chen - Zhang Chao
  • Chen Shu Jun - Chen Shi Yun
  • Zhao Luo Ran - Jiang Da Ling
  • Bai Yu Fei - Yu Mei Li
  • Zhang Chen - Zhang Chao
  • Ryan Liu - Teacher Liao
  • David Liang - Teacher Wang

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