My Liberation Diary (Korean Drama)

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My Liberation Diary (Korean: 나의 해방일지) is a 2022 Upcoming South Korean television series starring Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Koo, directed by Kim Suk-Yoon and witten by Park Hae-Young.

My Liberation Diary (Drama Info)

Original title 나의 해방일지
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a My Liberation Days, Naui Haebangilji, Naeui Haebangilji, My Liberation Journal
Director Kim Seok Yoon
Screenwriter Park Hae Young
Genres Romance, Life, Family
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
1st Episode Release Date 2022
End Date -
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on jTBC
Runtime 60 min.
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My Liberation Diary is currently not confirmed to be released on any OTT platform

My Liberation Diary (Synopsis)

“My Liberation Diary” tells the story of three siblings and a stranger.

Yeom Chang Hee is the middle child of three siblings. He wanted to escape from his family home in SanPo Village. But he has no dreams and lives in vain. He was insulted by family members.

Yum Mi Jung is the youngest of three siblings. She wanted to be free from her boring life. But she is introverted and shy. She was lonely and felt unrequited in her life.

Yeom Ki Jung is the eldest child of three siblings. she has a hot temper She wasted a lot of time traveling to Seoul for work from Sanpo Village. Her life was full of complaints and she wanted to find love.

Mr. Goo is a mysterious man who suddenly appeared in Sangpo Village he is always drunk One day, I agreed to have Jung approached him. Edit Synopsis

My Liberation Diary (Cast)

    My Liberation Diary Cast
  • Lee Min Ki (Yeom Chang Hee)
  • My Liberation Diary main role
  • Kim Ji Won (Yeom Mi Jung)
  • My Liberation Diary Lead actors
  • Son Seok Koo (Mr. Goo)
  • My Liberation Diary Cast
  • Lee El (Yeom Ki Jung)
  • My Liberation Diary main role
  • Lee Ki Woo (Jo Tae Hoon)

  • Lee El - Yeom Ki Jung
  • Lee Ki Woo - Jo Tae Hoon

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