Stop! Miss Hua (Web Series)

Stop! Miss Hua (Chinese: 站住! 花小姐) is an upcoming chinese rom-com drama series. The series directed by Ching Jung Lee on novel of Ju Mao Wei Wu, stars Judy Qi (Hua Ming Yue) and Ryan Zhang (Qin Dong Hai).

Stop! Miss Hua (Drama Info)

Official Poster Stop! Miss Hua Poster
Original title 站住! 花小姐
Type Chinese Drama, Web Drama
Subtitle English
A.k.a Zhan Zhu! Hua Xiao Jie, Zhanzhu! Hua xiaojie, Miss Hua, Stand Still! Miss Hua
Director Ching Jung Lee
Screenwriter -
Genres Comedy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 24
1st Episode Release Date Jul 28, 2021
3:00 PM
End Date Aug 20, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast on Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.
Where to Watch Stop! Miss Hua with English Subtitles
MGTV Drama Channel

Stop! Miss Hua (Synopsis)

A socialite meets his knight in shining armor in a tough-looking ex-fireman that is completely opposite of his lovable personality.

Hua Ming Yue (Judy Qi) was born with a silver spoon. With the people around her obeying her will, she knows the concept of having to work for anything and just play hard. Qin Dong Hai (Ryan Zhang) used to be the captain of a team of firefighters. After retiring, he studied abroad in the UK and returned home with a flying color when applying for a position at the Hua Group. Even though he is tall, brunettes and handsome, he is truly a soft person at heart.

Hua Ming Yue and Qin Dong Hai reunited with each other after having a bad start. Qin Donghai accidentally becomes Hua Mingyue's mentor in the hope that he can help her change her way of life and go in the right direction. Edit Synopsis

Stop! Miss Hua (Cast)

    Stop! Miss Hua Cast
  • Judy Qi (Hua Ming Yue)
  • Stop! Miss Hua main role
  • Ryan Zhang (Qin Dong Hai)

  • Gao Ji Cai - Chen Jing Ran
  • Johnny Zhang - Qi Fei
  • Liu Yin Jun - Hua Ming Chen
  • Su Meng Di - Yao Sheng Nan

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