Our Beloved Summer 2021 (Korean Drama)

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Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi are starring in the romantic drama “Our Beloved Summer.” The drama is not based on a webtoon. A webtoon showing off their high school days will be created with the release.

Our Beloved Summer (Drama Info)

Official Poster -
Original title 그해 우리는
Type Korean Drama
Subtitle English
A.k.a Us That Year, Geuhae Ulineun, That Year We Are, Geu Hae Woorineun, That Year, We, Geuhae Urineun, Geu Hae Woolineun
Director Kim Yoon Jin
Screenwriter Lee Na Eun
Genres Romance, Comedy, Youth
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Episode 1 Release date Dec 6, 2021
4:00 PM
Finale episode date Jan 25, 2022
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on SBS
Runtime 60 min.
Where to Watch Our Beloved Summer with English Subtitles
"Our Beloved Summer" is currently not confirmed to be released on any OTT Streaming platform

Our Beloved Summer (Synopsis)

A romantic comedy depicting the complicated emotions of a broken-up couple saying, "It was a bad time for you and let's never see each other again!" However, the documentary they filmed 10 years ago in high school suddenly became popular and they were forced to get back together in front of the camera again.

Choi Woong, who appears to be an immature free-spirited person, shows his sincerity when he finds what he wants for the first time in his life.

Gook Yeon Soo, whose biggest life goal is to hold the 1st place in school. Now, she is trying to become an adult while living a fierce life and adapting to reality with a wound in her heart. Edit Synopsis

Our Beloved Summer (Main Cast)

    Our Beloved Summer Cast
  • Choi Woo Shik (Choi Woong)
  • Our Beloved Summer main role
  • Kim Da Mi (Gook Yeon Soo)
  • Our Beloved Summer Lead actors
  • Kim Sung Chul

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