Be Yourself 2021 (Chinese Drama)

Be Yourself (Drama Info)

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Original title 机智的上半场
Type Chinese Drama, Tv Series, Female Centered Plot
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Witty First Half, Ji Zhi De Shang Ban Chang
Director Li Zhi
Screenwriter Yuan Yuan
Genres Friendship, Youth, Romance, Comedy
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Episode 1 Release date Aug 18, 2021
Finale episode date Sep 10, 2021
Airs On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast on Youku
Runtime 45 min.
Where to Watch Be Yourself with English Subtitles
Rakuten Viki

Be Yourself (Synopsis)

Four young women begin life at university. Although they are close friends, they are very different in every way. Ha Lang Lang has a tomboyish personality, obstinate and extremely logical. But as she embarks on her college journey, she discovers that she also has a softer side - and that romance can play an important role in her life, too. Meanwhile, Huang Fu Shu Min is always the female lead in her own story.

Acting cute and dependent is her strong point, and independence is not something she is used to. But she soon understood that her college journey could very well lead her on the path to independence.

Then there is Fan Xiao Yu, a famous intelligent and beautiful young woman from a wealthy family. But she has always respected everything, respecting the wishes of her family, despite the fact that deep down she wants to get out of her freedom. As she begins to explore the world of business with a classmate, she realizes that she may not yet achieve freedom - and possibly romance, too. Rounding out the quartet is Yang Jia Qian, who always gives the impression of maturity beyond her years. But she has a series of hidden thoughts and feelings that she is now ready to expose before her eyes and now she is no longer under the supervision of her family. Edit Synopsis

Be Yourself (Main Cast)

    Be Yourself Cast
  • Zhang Ruo Nan (Huang Fu Shu Min)
  • Be Yourself main role
  • Shen Yue (Xia Lang Lang)
  • Be Yourself Lead actors
  • Vivienne Tien (Fan Xiao Yu)
  • Be Yourself Lead actors
  • Zhang Xin Yi (Yang Jia Qian)

  • Leon Leong - Fan Qing Zhou
  • Zhai Zi Lu - Zhou Yu
  • Jean Li - Mai Meng
  • Ding Guan Sen - Lei Dong Qiang
  • Zhang Zhi Hao - Lu Xu Wen

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