Hometown (Korean Drama 2021)

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Hometown (Drama Info)

Official Poster Hometown Poster
Original title 홈타운
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series, Investigation, Detective, Crime
Subtitle English
A.k.a Homtaun
Director Park Hyun Suk
Screenwriter -
Genres Thriller, Horror, Mystery
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date Sep 22, 2021
4:30 PM
Finale episode date Oct 28, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast on tvN
Runtime 60 min.
Where to Watch Hometown with English Subtitles
"Hometown" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.
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Hometown (Synopsis)

Set in a small rural town in the year 1999, a tape recording of a mysterious serial murder and an unidentified eerie sound is discovered.

In 1989, terrorist Jo Kyung Ho returned to Korea after studying abroad in Japan and released sarin gas at a train station in his hometown, killing passengers and then sentenced to life in prison after committing suicide. His daughter, Jo Jae Young, was sent to live with her aunt, Kyung Ho's younger sister, Jo Jung Hyun.

Ten years later, a murder case occurs in a small town with detective Choi Hyung put in charge. Suspecting that the case is somehow linked to terrorists, Choi Hyung, who is filled with guilt for failing to prevent his wife's death 10 years ago in a terrorist attack, begins to investigate when Jung Hyun's granddaughter suddenly goes missing. Jung Hyun now faces tragedy again and she teams up with Choi Hyung to uncover the truth and find her niece. Edit Synopsis

Hometown (Main Cast)

    Hometown Cast
  • Yoo Jae Myung (Choi Hyung In)
  • Hometown main role
  • Uhm Tae Goo (Jo Kyung Ho)
  • Hometown Lead actors
  • Han Ye Ri (Jo Jung Hyun)

  • Lee Re - Jo Jae Young
  • Park Mi Hyun - Kim Kyung Suk
  • Heo Jung Eun - Moon Sook

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