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Love Stage!! is an Upcoming thai BL drama adapted from the manga 'Love Stage!!' (ラブ ステージ) written by Eiki Eiki (影木栄貴) and illustrated by Zao Taishi (蔵王大志).

Love Stage!! (Drama Info)

Official Poster Love Stage!! Poster
Original title เลิฟสเตจ
Type Thai Drama, Adapted From A Manga
Subtitle English
A.k.a -
Director Thitipan Raksasat
Screenwriter Title Nirattisai Ratphithak
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 10
Episode 1 Release date Jan 29, 2022
8:00 PM
Finale episode date Apr 2, 2022
Airs On Saturday
Broadcast on -
Runtime 46 min.
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Gen Y 2
Bed Friend
Middleman's Love

Love Stage!! (Synopsis)

Anda was born into one of the most famous showbiz families in Thailand - but while the whole world awaits his debut as a new star, Anda just wants to be a famous and real manga artist Show your otaku dream! Despite being surrounded by the star for most of his life, a traumatic experience during a commercial shoot 10 years ago forced him to live an emotional recluse and eventually fell into the arms of his beloved fictional character. Her favorite, Magical Girl LalaLulu.

However, it turns out that he is still unclear. Considering that he's far from being a manga artist of any kind, he's starring in the filming for the sequel to that creepy commercial from his past. Furthermore, his past co-star who was also invited to reprise his role is none other than the famous actor Ryo. Anda doesn't like to wear a dress again - but Ryo is eager to see the beautiful "girl" who won his heart 10 years ago again. How will this fateful reunion unfold? Edit Synopsis

Love Stage!! (Main Cast)

    Love Stage!! Cast
  • Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen - Ryo
  • Love Stage!! main role
  • Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong - Anda

  • Cheetah Chonphiphat Phajee - Nick
  • Nicole Theriault - Cher Aim
  • Blink Thadol Paitoonphong - Book
  • Angpao Thankorn Kanlayawuttipong - Ryo
  • Jaa Panichpol Nantachaiyaporn - Oat
  • Non Ratchanon Kanpiang - Bank
  • Pramote Seangsorn - Kevin
  • Bigboss Nattakit Sangwarnkittichai - Big
  • Film Jirayu Aungvanich - Thee
  • Tawan Nawinwit Kittichanawit - Jet

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