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Our Blues (Hangul: 우리들의 블루스) is a 2022 Korean television series Directed by Kim Kyu Tae and written by Noh Hee Kyung. The series aired on tvN from April 9 to june 12, 2022, on Saturdays and Sundays for 20 episodes.

Our Blues (Drama Info)

Official Poster Our Blues Poster
Original title 우리들의 블루스
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Urideului Beulluseu, Ulideului Beulluseu
Director Kim Kyu Tae (김규태)
Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung (노희경)
Genres Romance, Family, Life
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 20
Episode 1 Release date Apr 9, 2022
Finale episode date Jun 12, 2022
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on Netflix & tvN
Runtime 70 min.

Our Blues - Official Trailer
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Our Blues (Synopsis)

"Our Blues" is a comprehensive drama that tells the stories of different characters who are related in some way.

Lee Dong Suk was born on the beautiful island of Jeju and sold trucks for a living. He meets Min Sun Ah, a girl with a mysterious past who comes to Jeju to escape that life.

Park Jung Joon, a ship captain, falls in love with Lee Young Ok, a diver with a bright and cheerful personality.

Jeong Eun-hee, the owner of a fish shop, reunites with his former lover, Choi Han-soo. They meet on Jeju Island when he returns after he realizes that city life is not for him. Edit Synopsis

Our Blues (Main Cast)

    Our Blues Cast
  • Shin Min Ah (Min Seon Ah)
  • Our Blues main role
  • Lee Byung Hun (Lee Dong Seok)
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Lee Jung Eun (Jung Eun Hee)
  • Our Blues Main Cast
  • Cha Seung Won (Choi Han Soo)
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Uhm Jung Hwa (Go Mi Ran)
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Kim Woo Bin (Park Jung Joon)
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Han Ji Min (Lee Young Ok)
  • Our Blues Cast
  • Kim Hye Ja - Kang Ok Dong
  • Our Blues main role
  • Go Doo Shim - Hyun Choon Hee
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Gi So Yoo - Son Eun Ki
  • Our Blues Cast
  • Choi Young Joon - Bang Ho Shik
  • Our Blues main role
  • Bae Hyun Sung - Jung Hyun
  • Our Blues Lead actors
  • Park Ji Hwan - Jung In Kwon
  • Our Blues Cast
  • Roh Yoon Seo - Bang Young Joo

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