The Sound of Magic: Web Drama (2022)

The Sound of Magic (Hangul: 안나라수마나라) is a 2022 Upcoming Netflix Drama series directed by Kim Seong Yoon, It is based on the webtoon of the Annarasumanara by Ha Il-kwon which was first published on May 28, 2010 by Naver, Ji Chang Wook (Lee Eul), Choi Sung Eun (Yoon Ai) and Hwang In Yeop (Na Il Deung) are currently in talks for the lead role.

The Sound of Magic Release date and Updates

Official Poster The Sound of Magic Poster
Original title 안나라수마나라
Type Korean Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Annalasumanala
Director Kim Seong Yoon
Based On Ha Il-kwon's Webtoon (manga)
Genres Music, Psychological, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 6
Release Date May 6, 2022
End Date 2022
Airs On Friday
Orig. Network Netflix
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.
Where can i watch with English Subtitles

Story Summary

It tells the story of Yin Ai, who lost her dream of becoming a magician and lived in a difficult environment. She met a mysterious magician and gradually began to realize her dream.

Yoon Ah Yi is a high school student, but she supports herself and her sister by working part-time. She doesn't know where her parents are. Her father was evicted from the home by debt collectors and her mother later ran away from home. Even if her financial situation is poor, she can still rank closest to her school in terms of academics. She also has a pretty appearance. Yoon Ah Yi wants to grow up as soon as possible to have a stable job. Meanwhile, her classmate is Na Il Deung. He often competes with Yoon Ah Yi for the top score, but they begin to develop feelings for each other. One day, Yoon Ah Yi meets the magician Lee Eul at an abandoned amusement park. He organizes magic shows for people who tell him they believe in magic. He was a mysterious person, but he comforted Yoon Ah Yi, who told him that she believed in magic. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

  • The Sound of Magic Cast Ji Chang Wook (Lee Eul)
  • The Sound of Magic main role Choi Sung Eun (Yoon Ai)
  • The Sound of Magic Lead actors Hwang In Yeop (Na Il Deung)

Supporting cast

  • Oh So Hyun as Seo Ha Yoon (Ah Yi and Il Deung's classmate)
  • Ji Hye Won as Baek Ha Na (Ah Yi and Il Deung's classmate)
  • Hong Jung Min as Yoon Yoo Yi (Ah Yi's younger sister)
  • Kim Bo Yun as Kim So Hee (Ah Yi and Il Deung's classmate)
  • Im Ki Hong as Homeroom teacher
  • Park Ha Na as Min Ji Soo
  • Kim Ba Da as Sergeant Park

Guest Appearance

  • Jo Han Chul as Yoon Ah Yi's father
  • Kim Ba Da as Sergeant Park
  • Yoon Sa Bong as Ah Yi's landlord
  • Go Ae Ri as Yoon Ah Yi's mother
  • Lee Sang Hwa as Loanshark
  • Ryu Kyung Soo
  • Joo Ye Rim as Yoon Ah Yi
  • Yoon Gyung Ho as Kim Doo Sik
  • Yoo Jae Myung as Na Ji Man
  • Kim Hye Eun as Mrs. Na
  • Choi Young Joon as Detective Kim
  • Woo Mi Hwa as Seo Ha Yoon's mother
  • Kang Moon Kyung as Principal
  • Park No Kyeong as Loanshark enforcer
  • Yoo Sang Hoon as Loanshark enforcer
  • Choi Seung Hoon as Na Il Deung
  • Jun Joon Woo
  • Yoo Chae Yeon as Girl spectator
  • Park Da On as Boy spectator
  • Lee Seung Joon as Teacher
  • Jung Ah Young as Girl spectator
  • Hong Seo Hee as Min Ji Soo
  • Nam Da Reum as Ri Eul / Ryu Min Hyuk
  • Park Seung Tae as Mugging victim
  • Lee Jae Hak as Student
  • Lee Dong Kyu as Reporter
  • Kim Jin as Jogger
  • Kim Yeon Woo as Student
  • Lee Suk Hyeong as Student
  • Lee Ki Seop as Forensics investigator
  • Jung Se Hyun as Student
  • Jo Si Yeon as Birthday girl

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