Glory of the Special Forces 2019 (Cast & Plot synopsis)

Chinese drama: Glory of the Special Forces 2019

Native Title 特战荣耀
Subtitle English
Alternative title Special species of Chinese special forces,
特种兵, Te Zhan Rong Yao ,
Tèzhǒng zhōngguó tèzhǒng bùduì, 中国特种兵之特别有种
Directors Xu Jizhou
Screenwriters ?
Genres Action, Military, Family
Country China
Episodes 50
Release Date Nov/2020
Airs On ?
Network ?
Duration ?

Synopsis: Glory of the Special Forces

A story of coming of age follows Yan Po Yue, an outstanding young man in everything but still a loner who doesn't fit well with the group. After surviving hard training and difficult missions, he becomes a suitable soldier who fights alongside his comrades.
Yan Po Yue comes from a family of soldiers. With something to prove to his father, he asks for military school at the beginning of the gaokao exams. During the assembly for new recruits, Yan Po Yue offers exceptional results but fails to win the favor of his superior. They send it to be part of the kitchen team, which turns out to be a place full of people with a hidden talent.
Yan Po Yue joins the choice of a special force in the military with only his own success in mind. However, he realizes that he still lacks in many ways and, with the help of his comrades, begins to become the soldier he has always aspired to be.

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Main Actors: Glory of the Special Forces

Yang Yang as Yan Po Yue - Li Yi Tong Ai Qian Xue as (EW Specialist) - Jiang Lu Xia as Guo Xiao Xiao (Sniper)