Where Dreams Begin (Web Drama 2022)

Where Dreams Begin drama Cast, Summary & Release Date

Where Dreams Begin (Chinese: 梦中的那片海) is an upcoming Chinese television series starring Xiao Zhan and Li Qin. It is expected to be Release in 2023.

Where Dreams Begin (Web Series)
Official Poster Where Dreams Begin Poster
Original title 梦中的那片海
Type Chinese Drama, Hardworking Male & Female Lead
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Sea in Dreams, meng zhong de na pian hai
Director Fu Ning (付宁)
Screenwriter Xu Bing (徐兵)
Genres Romance, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Episode 1 Release date 2022 ?
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on Tencent Video
Runtime 60 min.

Where can i watch with English Subtitles
"Where Dreams Begin" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

Where Dreams Begin Plot Summary

It tells about the ups and downs of a group of young people in Beijing in the 1970s, reflects the changes of the times through the struggle of "little people", and depicts the next generation in the wave of reform and opening up.

Xiao Chunsheng (played by Xiao Zhan) and his two good friends, Ye Guohua (played by Liu Ruilin) and Chen Hongjun (played by Cui Hang), are both children of military families and civil servants and grew up in the courtyard. They experienced the feeling of joining the army, taking the college entrance examination, and starting a business overseas, and they supported each other along the way. Tong Xiaomei (Li Qin) is a Beijing girl who pursues her dream of being a doctor. This is an inspirational story of the growth and transformation of ordinary people during China's reform and opening-up period. Edit Synopsis

Where Dreams Begin Cast and Characters

Where Dreams Begin Supporting cast

  • Liu Rui Lin - Ye Guo Hua
  • Zhao Xin - Ye Fang
  • Lenox Lu - Qi Tian
  • Cui Hang - Chen Hong Jun
  • Zhang Ling Xin - Xiao Yan Qiu
  • Cao Fei Ran - He Hong Ling

Where Dreams Begin Posters

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