Blowing in the Wind Chinese Drama release & Plot Synopsis

Blowing in the Wind Plot synopsis, cast, trailer, Chinese Drama Tv series

Chinese Drama: Blowing in the Wind 2019

Native Title: 强风吹拂
Subtitle: English
Alternative English title: Qiang Feng Chui Bi
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 28
Release Date: Jun 6, 2019
Airs On:
Network: Youku
Duration: 40 min.

Synopsis: Blowing in the Wind

Novel adaptation. Season 2 mainly contains two chapters from the novel: "Nu Hai Qian Sha" and "Qin Ling Shen Shu"

Main cast: Blowing in the Wind

Xing Zhao Lin as Xia Di | Eleanor Lee as Lin Feng | Non Chanon Santinatornkul as Chen Yi Lu

Xing Zhaolin recently filmed drama after drama. Wen Tian Lu and The Eternal Love Season 2 are waiting for the air and he just wrapped up his third drama that combines him with Eleanor Lee, who is two years younger. They shine in a new youth drama about mountain climbing --- Blowing in the Wind 强 风 吹拂. The cast and crew wrapped after 83 days of filming on August 17.

According to Eleanor Lee (the lady with an elf on top) the cast had to be trained to be ready for the snowy mountain scenes where they stayed for 10 days. I'm a fan of rock climbing myself, but training and climbing in the snow? That sounds intense. I have tried something similar in New Zealand before, and I think I can agree with Eleanor Lee when she said that after a climb, you realize how valuable life is, which I think is meant as the moral of the story.

The cast also includes Chanon Santinatornkul, Guo Weijie, Xiang Hao, Ren Bin and Chih Tian Shih. I don't know them, but I am a fan of sport and I find the concept quite fresh. This is one of the few dramas, if not the first Chinese drama based on mountain climbing.

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