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Chinese Drama: Growing Pain 2019

Native Title: 少年派
Subtitle: English
Alternative English title: Shao Nian Pai
Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 41
Release Date: Jun 9, 2019
Airs On:
Network: Hunan TV, Youku, iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.

Synopsis: Growing Pain

A story that follows four households and how each family member braves the rain and basks under the sun during this journey, called life.
Contrary to expectations, the light and sparkling Lin Miao Miao has received high scores in recent exams that deserve admission to a top school. Her mother Wang Sheng Nan is extremely proud of her daughter's achievements. Lin Miao Miao is also delighted because she lives in the dorms, away from her mother's control. However, school life is not easy in the face of fierce competition. Miao Miao's grades are coming under pressure and her mother Wang Sheng Nan decides to become a tutor mother. In the third year of high school, Lin Miao Miao and her friends are faced with drastic changes in their home that they have to cope with.

Main cast: Growing Pain

Zhang Jia Yi as Lin Da Wei | Yan Ni as Yang Shen Nan | Guo Fiction
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