The Astral Chronicles won the top Ranking in TV drama series 2019

The Astral Chronicles won the top position - kdrama news

The Arthdal Chronicles won the top Ranking in TV drama series on May 5. [Exclusive K-drama news]

The TVN weekend drama 'Arthdal Chronicles' has a high interest in broadcasting with its colorful cast line-up, including Jang Dong-gun, Song Jung-ki, Kim Ok-bin and Kim Ji-won. However, after the broadcast, there are simultaneously expectations and concerns in the story and CG, and attention is focused on the drama topic. Song Ji Kee was ranked number 1, Jang Dong-Gun ranked No. 8, and Kim Ji-won ranked # 9.

The TV drama was the second TVN drama "her private life" on TVN last month. The actors who created great chemistry during the broadcasting period enjoyed favorable reactions, but Park Min Young showed a monotonous character for each piece of work. Kim Min-young won fourth place in the cast and Kim Jae-wook finished fifth.

Third place was the MBC drama 'One Spring Night'. "One Spring Night" showed a decline in the last four weeks, taking 9.95% of the drama division. The artists came in second in the category of the subject and Hanmi came in third.

Fourth place was OCN's Saturday drama "Voice 3" for two consecutive weeks. It was analyzed that Lee Jin-wook, who loses his temper and licked my throat, was pulled to the end and formed a high subject. The negative reaction to the drama story of the last 4th week seems to have been welcomed this week.

5th place is JTBC drama 'The Wind Blows'. Although the meeting between Kim Hahn and Gam Woo Sung had high expectations of the broadcast, many reactions were made to the disappointing story of the aftermath of Alzheimer's. In the cast, Kim Hae-jin was 6th and Gam Woo-sung was 7th.

6th place was MBC 'Special Labor Inspector Jo' who was well received. Compared to the previous 4th month, the sex form of the subject increased by around 54%, and it showed beauty of that kind. The netizens said they want to make season 2, saying that they are the end of the satire drama.

7th place was KBS 2TV drama 'Angel’s Last Mission: Love'. KBS 2TV 'left-handed wife' who took the place of TVN 'Abyss' in which the subject score increased slightly from 4th place to eighth place, SBS 'Nokdu Flower' to 9th place, and the negative reaction to 10th place negative.

This survey is based on an analysis of the netizen response of 26 TV drama that is being broadcast or scheduled to be broadcast from May 27, 2019 to June 2, 2019 by GOOD DATA CORPORATION.

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