Pretty Man 2 (2019), Synopsis, Cast & Trailer

Drama: Pretty Man 2

Poster Pretty Man 2 (2019), Chinese Drama, Synopsis, Cast & Trailer
Native Title 国民老公 2
Subtitle English
Alternative title Guo Min Lao Gong 2 , Bring The National Husband Home 2
, National Husband 2
Directors Gary Sing
Screenwriters ?
Genres Romance, Youth, Family
Country China
Episodes 26
Release Date Sep/23/2019 - Oct/14/2019
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Network Tencent Video
Duration 35 min.

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Synopsis: Pretty Man 2

The story of the great movie star Lu Jin Nian and the new star of the entertainment industry, Qiao An Hao, who have been secretly adoring each other for eleven years. After the rough, they finally moved to the wedding room. The two thought they would open a happy life, but they did not want to meet them. The wave of waves has been a challenge. The crisis caused by the outside world has exhausted their love and the truth of the dusty years has made the couples who have loved each other in the last few years. But based on their love for each other, the two men recover one another, heal them together and never give up on each other. Moreover, the feelings of the national goddess Song Acacia and the heir of the Han family Xu Jia Mu are also difficult to develop in misunderstandings and complications. Would they be able to deny each other's actual heart? Qiao An Hao's good cousin, Joan An Xia, went back to China to pursue true love. After so long, she unexpectedly met the enthusiastic direct-actress Cheng Hao. Are they intended for each other?

Main Cast: Pretty Man 2

Dylan Xiong as Lu Jin Nian | Lai Yu Meng as Qiao An Hao
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