The Eyas 2019, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer

The Eyas 2019, Chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer

Drama: The Eyas

Native Title 飞行少年
Subtitle English
Alternative title FeiXingShaoNian
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Military, Youth
Country China
Episodes 36
Release Date Sep 23, 2019
Airs On Tuesday
Network iQiyi, Netflix
Duration 45 min.

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Synopsis: The Eyas

A group of boys and girls who have made rigorous choices have gone to a preparatory class of the flying school that is different from their peers. Based on an excellent completion of the study of the culture class, it has experienced rough and tempered and bears the responsibility and pressure that peers cannot perceive. Start with the basic principles of flying and study the knowledge and skills of flying. After completing the physical experience, they also completed the soul reform, the awareness of national defense and the belief in resolutely defending the airspace of the motherland.

Main Cast: The Eyas

Kevin Yan as Kong Xin | Kris Fan as Cheng Shu Yang | Sun Yi as Yu Xin Ran | Li Mo Zhi as Xu Bing

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