Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania 2019 (Synopsis & Cast)

Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania 2019, Synopsis, Cast, teaser

Japanese drama: Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania 2019

Native Title モトカレマニア
Subtitle English
Alternative title Ex-Boyfriend Mania, MotoKare Mania
Directors Ex-Boyfriend Mania
Screenwriters Tsubota Fumi
Genres Comedy, Romance
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 17-2019
Airs On Thursday
Network Fuji TV
Duration 54 min.

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Synopsis: Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania

Nanba Yurika has an attractive appearance and isn't awful at communicating with others, however she isn't great when it comes to romantic relationships. This is mainly due to her inability to come across her ex-boyfriend Saito Makoto. They broke up 5 years ago. After their separation, Saito Makoto disappeared from her life. Presently Nanba meets Yurika Saito Makoto again at the real estate company where she starts working. Her ex-boyfriend,who is presently 30 years of age and still single, is her associate.

Watch "Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania 2019" Trailer with English Sub

Main Actors: Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania

Araki Yuko as Nanba Yurika | Kora Kengo as Saito Makoto

Co-Stars: Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania

Hamano Kenta as Yamashita Akio | Yamaguchi Sayaka as Marunouchi Sakura | Morita Kanro as Osawa Masaru | Tanaka Minami as Kurusu Mugi | Kote Shinya as Ando Ichiro | Kato Toranosuke as Masuda Takashi | Sekiguchi Mandy as Shirai Tadafumi | Shuri as Kaga Chizuru

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