Shiyakusho 2019 (Japanese drama) Synopsis & Cast

Shiyakusho 2019, Japanese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Japanese drama: Shiyakusho 2019

Native Title 死役所
Subtitle English
Alternative title Death Office, Death Hall
Directors Kurakata Masatoshi, Matsumoto Hana Yuasa Hiroaki, Mai Sakai
Screenwriters Masaike Yosuke
Genres ?
Country Japan
Episodes 16
Release Date Oct 16, 2019 - 2019
Airs On Wednesday
Network TV Tokyo
Duration ?

Synopsis: Shiyakusho

In October 2019, the Japanese drama "Death Place" was adapted from the popular comic book "Death Station" or the Anzhen Knight. It will be dramatized this fall, and will be starred by Matsuoka Masahiro or "TOKIO". Is expected to be on October 16, 2019 broadcast every Wednesday night 0:12 starts broadcast on TV Tokyo.
In the past, the story was first visited by the living, and the "death place" or the city's municipality in the post-mortem world was the stage. Lord there are dead people who have died of suicide, homicide, death, accidental death, etc. for various reasons. Their whereabouts will be decided here, and the procedures will be carried out here. The innocents are sent to heaven, and the sinful ones will be sent to hell ... In the death shack, the village and village roads in charge of the general commissar always hold every appearance in front of his eyes. The deceased, and the life of the deceased's application about his life was loudly read out ...

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Main Actors: Shiyakusho

Matsuoka Masahiro as Shimura | Kuroshima Yuina

Co-Stars: Shiyakusho

Kiyohara Sho | Matsumoto Marika | Denden | Oriyama Nao

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