Oishi Kyushoku 2019 (Japanese drama) Synopsis & Cast

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Oishi Kyushoku 2019, Japanese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Japanese drama: Oishi Kyushoku 2019

Native Title おいしい給食
Subtitle English
Alternative title Oishii Kyushoku, School Meals Time
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Food, School
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 16-2019
Airs On Wednesday
Network Tokyo MX
Duration ?

Synopsis: Oishi Kyushoku

Amarida Yukio (Ichihara Hayato) is a teacher at the Tokiwa Junior High School in the mid year of 1984. He has a secret. That is, he will not forgive guys who have no love for school meals because he loves them deep in his heart. It is no misrepresentation to state that he came to school because of school meals. If it is known that a teacher looks forward to school meals more than his students, he loses his dignity. However, one student throws a challenge. The boy's name is Go (Sato Taishi). This 13-year-old calls for change since he cherishes school meals. Who will enjoy the meal? A quiet 'struggle' between a teacher and a student who are fanatic about school meals is about to begin.

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Main Actors: Oishi Kyushoku

Ichihara Hayato as Yukio Amarida

Co-Stars: Oishi Kyushoku

Takeda Rena | Sato Taishi | Toyoshima Hana | Tsujimoto Tatsunori

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