No Secrets 2019 (Plot synopsis & Cast)

No Secrets 2019, Synopsis, Cast, Japanese drama

Chinese drama: No Secrets 2019

Native Title 没有秘密的你
Subtitle English
Alternative title ?
Directors Yu Zhong Zhong
Screenwriters ?
Genres Suspense, Law, Romance, Supernatural
Country China
Episodes 45
Release Date Oct 17-2019
Airs On Thursday
Network Tencent
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: No Secrets

A story about a young man who can read people's thoughts and a worthless lawyer who comes to protect each other.

A tragic past case of a car accident connects the lives of Lin Xing Ran and Jiang Xia.
After 10 years, the young man who can read thoughts and the impulsive defender meet again. Meanwhile, Zhang Xiao Quan is the boss of Lin Xing Ran who has the reputation of never having lost one case, while Gu Si Yu is a colleague who becomes a bitter rival.

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Main Actors: No Secrets

Stephy Qi as Lin Xing Ran | Jin Han as Jiang Xia | Sunny Wang as Zhang Xiao Yang | Maggie Huang as Gu Si Yu

Co-Stars: No Secrets

U.Lin Huang as Zhao Mei Bin | Zhang Lin Qing as Jia Zhong Ji | Wu Ya Heng

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