Guilt By Design 2019: Synopsis & Cast - Hong Kong Movie

Guilt By Design 2019, Synopsis , Cast, Hong Kong Movie

Hong Kong Movie: Guilt By Design 2019

Native Title 催眠·裁決
Subtitle English
Alternative title Hypnotize the Jury
Directors Siu Kwan Lai, Wing Tai Lau, Pak-Lam Sze
Screenwriters Siu Kwan Lai, Wing Tai Lau, Pak-Lam Sze
Genres Suspense, Crime
Country Hong Kong
Release Date Oct 25, 2019
Duration 1 hr. 30 min.

Synopsis: Guilt By Design

The film revolves around a jury member in a high-profile case who is blackmailed to confirm the verdict after his daughter has been abducted

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Main Actors: Guilt By Design

Nick Cheung as Xu Lisheng | Hans Zhang as Yang Kai

Co-stars: Guilt By Design

Eddie Cheung as Deng Zhao Qiang / Sir Deng | Kent Cheng as Sir Liang | Paul Chun as Lin Guo Quan | Elaine Jin as Liu Tai

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