Nippon Noir; Detective Ys Rebellion 2019 Synopsis and Cast

Nippon Noir: Detective Y's Rebellion 2019, Synopsis, Cast

Nippon Noir; Detective Y's Rebellion

Native Title ニッポンノワール
Subtitle English
Alternative title Nippon Noir: Keiji Y no Hanran
Directors ?
Screenwriters Muto Shogo
Genres Crime, Detective, Investigation
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 13, 2019 - 2019
Airs On Sunday
Network NTV
Duration 55 min.

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Synopsis: Nippon Noir: Detective Y's Rebellion

Yusa Kiyoharu from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is a cold-headed detective who is in charge of the line of investigation and will do all things necessary to achieve his objectives. One day, when he wakes up in a forest, he finds a weapon in his right hand and a dead female detective lying next to him. This woman was his superior. Did he kill her or was he founded by someone? There is a gap of several months in his memory. Yusa's friends become enemies at night and he is chased as a murder suspect. His only partner is a teenager who was the only son of the female detective. Ultimately, the matter is linked to the truth of the unresolved robbery of 1 billion yen.

Main Actors: Nippon Noir: Detective Y's Rebellion

Kaku Kento

Kaku Kento as Yusa Kiyoharu

Co-Stars: Nippon Noir: Detective Y's Rebellion

Hirosue Ryoko | Kudo Asuka | Kaho | Iura Arata | Kitamura Kazuki
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