Blakku Kousoku 2019 (Japanese drama) Synopsis & Cast

Blakku Kousoku 2019, Japanese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Japanese drama: Blakku Kousoku 2019

Native Title ブラック校則
Subtitle English
Alternative title Black School Rules, Black Kosoku
Directors Sugawara Shintaro
Screenwriters Kazuya Konomoto
Genres Friendship, School
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 14- 2019 - ?
Airs On Monday
Network NTV
Duration 30 min.

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Synopsis: Blakku Kousoku

The 1st childhood story of Sato and Satoshi Takahashi. The original story of the movie of the same name released on Friday November 1, 2019 will be created in a similar work as Hulu. At a secondary school Soraku (Sato) has a class-like presence and Nakaya (Takahashi) is a tune. Two people standing opposite each other draw a figure to confront the 'black school rules' of high school that respect discipline.

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Main Actors: Blakku Kousoku

Sato Shori

Sato Shori as Onoda Sora

Takahashi Kaito

Takahashi Kaito as Tsukioka Chuya

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