The Living Dead 2019 Synopsis & Cast - Chinese Movie

The Living Dead 2019, Synopsis, Cast, Chinese Movie

Chinese Movie: The Living Dead 2019

Native Title 陈情令之生魂
Subtitle English
Alternative title ?
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Action, Adventure, Historical, Horror, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country China
Release Date Nov 7, 2019
Duration ?

Synopsis: The Living Dead

Near Qishan Mountain there is a small town called Fu Feng, nicknamed the "City that never gets dark". There is a legend of the "Lit Lamp Murderer". Wen Ning arrives in Fu Feng, and he realizes the abnormality of the city; the whole city is only filled with the weak and the sick; and is very expired. When night comes, Wen Ning deliberately lit a lamp to attract ghost shadows. Just when he wanted to catch them, a ray of blue sword light appears and the black shadow disappears. Wen Ning looks up and sees his famous friend Lan Sizhui. Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui decide to work together and solve the mystery and catch the culprit behind the mysterious incidents.

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Main Actors: The Living Dead

Zheng Fan Xing

Zheng Fan Xing as Lan Si Zhui / Lan Yuan

Paul Yu

Paul Yu as Wen Ning / Ghost General

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