Eternal Love of Dream (2020) Synopsis, Cast & Release date

Drama info: Eternal Love of Dream 2020

Native Title Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, Synopsis, Cast, Chinese drama 2019
Native Title 三生三世枕上書
Related Movie Three Lives , Three Worlds , The Pillow Book (2020)
Subtitle English
Alternative title Three Lives, Three Worlds, 三生三世枕上書,
San Sheng San Shi Zhen Shang Shu, Eternal Love, The Pillow Book The Pillow Book
Directors Chu Yui Bun, Hsuan Yang
Screenwriters Tang Vivien, Hu Ya Ting, Huang Shan Shan, Liang Zhen Hua
Genres Romance, Wuxia,, Adventure, Friendship, Historical,
Fantasy,, Melodrama, Supernatural
Country China
Episodes 56
Release Date Jan/22/2020 - Mar/05/2020
Airs On Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Network Tencent Video
Duration 45 min.

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Synopsis: Eternal Love of Dream 2020

Two thousand years of continuous love and obsession between the female monarch of Qing Qiu and the ancient god of the heavenly kingdom. When practicing immortal cultivation in the wilderness alone, Feng Jiu was attacked by an animal and rescued by Dong Hua Di Jun from the heavenly kingdom. The meeting becomes deeply rooted in Feng Jiu's heart and in order to repay her debts, she decides to follow Dong Hua into battle. She soon realizes that her just right feelings against him have evolved into love, but Dong Hua is a god who has forgotten what love manner. To protect Feng Jiu, Dong Hua sends her to the human realm, resulting in the death of a friend. Feng Jiu enters the dream sequence of the winged tribe, Princess Ah Lan Ruo, in search of a sacred fruit that can bring the dead back to life, but gets stuck to relive the life of Ah Lan Ruo for eternity. Dong Hua finds a way to save Feng Jiu and realizes that he is already answering her love for him, but another hurdle crosses their path

Main Cast: Eternal Love of Dream 2020

Vengo Gao Vengo Gao as Dong Hua Di Jun / Chen Ye / Song Xuanren
Dilraba Dilmurat Dilraba Dilmurat as Bai Feng Jiu / Xiangli Aranya / Consort Chen

Co-Stars: Eternal Love of Dream 2020

Yang Mi as Bai Qian | Leon Zhang as Cang Yi Shen Jun (Deity of Mount Zhi Yue) | James Li as Lian Song (Third son of Heavenly Emperor. Cheng Yu's love interest) | Lawrence Wang as Si Ming (Lord of Dipper of South. Dong Hua's subordinate) | Wayne Liu as Yan Chiwu (Ruler of the Green Demon Clan) | Angel Liu as Ji Heng (Princess of the Red Demon Clan] / Chu Wan [Song Xuanren's consort) | Baron Chen Zhe Yan (Phoenix Immortal) | Huang Jun Jie as Bai Zhen (Fourth son of Fox King) | Zhang Gong as Bai Zhi (King of the Fox tribe) | Marco Leng as Bai Yi (Second son of the Fox King/Bai Qian's elder brother / Feng Jiu's father) | Yuan Yu Xuan as Cheng Yu (Lian Song's love interest) | Zhang Ming as Can A Li (Bai Qian and Ye Hua's son) | Dylan Kuo as Su Mo Ye (The second prince of the West Sea) | Faye Wang as Zhi He (A water deity under Lian Song. Dong Hua's foster cousin) | Wang Yi Ming as Xiao Jingwei (Bai Zhen's mount, Feng Jiu's classmate) | Zhao Zi Qi as Mi Gu (Housekeeper of Qing Qiu) | Zhang Wen as Miao Luo (Ruler of the Demon Clan) | Jiang Kai as Heavenly Emperor | Harry Hu as Xia Guchou (Lord of the Underworld in charge of human reincarnation) | Fan Zhi Xin as Zhong Lin (Housekeeper of Tai Chen Palace) | Li Jin Rong as Xiangli Que (Former King of Biyi Bird tribe) | Che Yong Li as Qing Hua (Former Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe) | Li Bo Wen as Xiangli He (Crown prince of the Biyi Bird tribe) | Sun Xu Ning as Xiangli Ju Nuo (First princess and current Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe) | Yi Da Qian as Xiangli Meng (Second prince of the Biyi Bird tribe) | Zhu Yong Teng as Xi Ze (Former Archmage of the Biyi Bird tribe) | Zhuang Da Fei as Dong Dong (Xiangli Meng's cousin) | Kanazawa Hao Kim as Xu Yang (Ruler of the Red Demon Clan. Ji Heng's adopted brother) | Dai Xiang Yu as Nie Chuyin (One of the Seven Lord of the Demon Clan)

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