Sword Dynasty 2019 / Jian Wang Chao Synopsis & Cast

Chinese drama: Sword Dynasty 2020

Poster Sword Dynasty 2020, Jian Wang Chao, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 剑王朝
Subtitle English
Alternative title Jian Wang Chao
Directors Jones Ma Wah-Kon, Jason So, Kong To-hoi, Sunny Ng Wah-Sun
Screenwriters Rao Jun, Chen Jingyi, Gong Yizhou
Genres Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Country China
Episodes 34
Release Date Dec/06/2019 - Jan/04/2020
Airs On Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network iQiyi
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Sword Dynasty

A story that revolves around a young man with an apparently ordinary background who dreams every day to overthrow the ruling regiment and kill the king who stands for the embodiment of power. It was a period of chaos and instability when wars reached the country. Because of the alliance that is held once every seven years, the Wu state returns to a dominant position, putting the three states Ye, Qing and Su at a dangerous disadvantage. Ding Ning is a young man who suffers from a chronic illness, yet takes action to shake the invincible state of Wu and shock the world of Jianghu with his extraordinary achievements to achieve immortal cultivation.

Main Cast: Sword Dynasty

Li Xian Li Xian as Ding Ning
Li Yi Tong Li Yi Tong as Zhang Sun Qian Xue

Co-Stars: Sword Dynasty

Yao Di as Empress Zheng Xiu | Liu Yi Jun as Emperor Xuan Wu | Peter Ho as Wang Jing Meng | Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Ce Leng (Grand Astrologer) | Zong Feng Yan as Ba Li Xue Sue (Swordmaster of Min Shan) | Zhang Wei Na as Bai Shan Shui (Lady of Yun Shui Palace) | Liu Hai Lan as Xie Rou | Li Guang Fu as Xue Wang Xu (Cavemaster of White Ram) | Sun Shao Long as Su Qing of White Ram Cave | Yao Qing Ren as Li Xiang | Wang Zhuo Cheng as Feng Qing Han | Liu Yi Tong

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