The Eternal Love 3 (Web Drama)

The Eternal Love 3 (2021) is a third part of the series "The Eternal Love"

The Eternal Love 3 (Drama Info)

Poster The Eternal Love 3 - 2021, chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 双世宠妃
Type Chinese Drama, Adapted From A Novel, Web series
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Eternal Love S3, The Eternal Love III, Shuang Shi Chong Fei, 爆笑宠妃: 爷我等你休妻,
Shuang Shi Chong Fei III,Shuang Shi Chong Fei 3, 双世宠妃 3, The Eternal Love Season 3
Directors Li Yang
Screenwriters Yang Shi Ye
Genres Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy
Country China
Episodes 30
Episode 1 Release date Jun 1, 2021
3:00 PM
Finale episode date Jun 28, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Network Tencent Video
Duration 45 min.

The Eternal Love 3 - Official Trailer
Where to Watch The Eternal Love 3 with English Subtitles
Tencent Video

The Eternal Love 3 (Synopsis)

Oh no, Qu Tan'er has time-travelled again! This time, she came to a world where gender roles were reversed and men were seen as unequal to women. Mo Lian-cheng is one of the qualified bachelors to join the palace selection, but he found that the unabashed princess has been pursuing him tirelessly, and he will do everything to win his heart. Will he eventually remember her as her third husband? Edit Synopsis

The Eternal Love 3 (Main Cast)

    The Eternal Love 3, Xing Zhao Lin
  • Xing Zhao Lin as Mo Lian Cheng
  • The Eternal Love 3, Liang Jie
  • Liang Jie as Qu Tan Er

  • Hu Chun Yong - Yu Hao (Aide to 8th Prince)
  • Amy Sun - Jing Xin
  • Wang Hao Ge - Mo Jing Xuan (14th prince)
  • Zhou Zi Xin - Lin Ke
  • Zhang Tian Ai - Xiao Zhen
  • Chen Jing Ke - Xiao Zhen
  • Ni Han Jin - Yun Xiu
  • Alen Fang - Mo Yan Chen
  • Li Jin Yang - Su Jing Yuan
  • Zhang Xin Hua - Qu Jiang Lin
  • Na Guang Zi - General Lu
  • Zhang Lei - Mo Yuan Long
  • Liu Luo Xi - Su Yue La

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