Thats My Umbrella 2019 Synopsis And Cast

That's My Umbrella 2019 (Thai drama)

Poster That's My Umbrella 2019, Synopsis,Cast
Native Title พี่ครับนั่นร่มผม เดอะ ซีรี่ส์
Subtitle English
Alternative title 📝
Directors 📝
Screenwriters 📝
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Episodes 16
Release Date 📝
Airs On Dec 31-2019 ?
Network 📝
Duration 📝

Synopsis: That's My Umbrella

Everything began with the rain, because of the rain - Kondee had to hide in the building of the dentistry workforce where he met Fahfon. Who came to talk to him, although Kondee had avoided him like a madman, because he had once known his feelings to Fahfon across the university! And because of the rain, Fahfon used it as an excuse to take Kondee home and to university every day, no matter how often Kondee tried to refuse.

Main Cast: Cast

Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong

Turbo Chanokchon Boonmanawong as Kondee

Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen

Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as Fahfon