Catman / I Love Catman 2019 Synopsis And Cast

Catman 2019 (Chinese Movie)

PosterCatman, I Love Catman 2019, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title我爱喵星人
Alternative titleWo Ai Miao Xing Ren, I Love Catman
GenresRomance, Fantasy
Release DateDec 31, 2019
Duration1 hr. 30 min.

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Synopsis: Catman

Catman is a South Korean-Chinese romantic-fantasy movie starred Oh Sehun and Wu Qian, and coordinated by Park Hee-Gon The film is described as a romantic fantasy in which half cat, half human man and woman who develop applications live. The main female character is building up an application to translate cat sounds.The primary male character is an animal Behaviorists who has some specializes in felines and has been living as half cat, half human because of a magic spell. It seems elegant and cold, but it has an unexpected "healing charisma" that "melts wounded hearts." Liang Qu is a half elegant, confident and cold but charming, half human cat due to a magic spell, and has the ability to melt / heal broken hearts. He lives with Miao Xiao Wan, an honest and self-confident woman who has created an application that translates the sound and language of cats.

Main Cast: Catman

Oh Se Hun

Oh Se Hun as Liang Qu

Janice Wu

Janice Wu as Miao Xiao Wan


Roy Liu | Xu Ke as Momo | Song Wei Long as Miao Xing Ren | Ju Jing Yi as Molly | Li Rise as jeff